BVL 9-Pin Tournament Pictures

The Greater Wichita falls USBC Association held it’s annual BVL 9-Pin Tournament on Sunday the 3rd of November. If you missed it you missed a good time. So far we have raised over $600, but were not done yet. We will Visiting the leagues in the next couple of weeks to sell BVL wrist bands and lapel pins, as well as raffle tickets for a BVL Bowling Ball. If your looking for more information about the BVL and want to learn more about how they help our veterans please visit:

BVL Bowling Ball Raffle. $1.00 per Ticket or 6 for $5.00

Big congratulations go out to Georgie Chewens and John “Shifter” Hurst. They both had 2 300 games each. Georgie ended up with an 829 but John blew everyone away with an 878.

George Chewens 829, John Hurst 878

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