More USBC Top Team Awards

Team Git-R-Done wasn’t done with awards on the Tuesday Mixed League.  They also had a fantastic night last year on the Thursday Night Mixed League.  On 3/24/2022 they put together an outstanding 1028 pins scratch to win 1st place in the 1-Man, 3-Women Team Game.  But they still were not done.  They went on that same night to put together a team series of 2835 to also win 1st place in the 1-Man, 3-Women Team Series.  Congratulations, Mark Duprey, Kathy Duprey, Madison Kasza, and Amanda Scott!

USBC Top Team Recognition

USBC annually recognizes the top score in each category of the Top Team Scores.

Last Years 1st place Top Team Score for 2-Men, 2-Women Series with a 2978 bowled on 04/12/2022 goes to Team Git-R-Done from the Tues Mixed League out at Sheppard AFB.

Mark Duprey 711
Jordan Kasza 722 (Not Pictured)
Ray Johnson 821
Madison Kasza 724 (Not Pictured)