GWFUSBC Equipment Specification Press Release

Greater Wichita Falls USBC Association – Press Release

USBC recently prohibited 6 Storm products from competition in USBC national tournaments. However, they remain on the USBC approved list. As long as they remain USBC approved the Greater Wichita Falls USBC will allow their use in the City Tournament and league competition.

The Storm Spectre and the 2016/2017 Model Purple Hammer USBC approval has been revoked and therefore cannot be used.

GWFUSBC Board of Directors

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  1. multiple leagues are planning on holding votes on this issue, how does that work.? also, since usbc didn’t fully “revoke” the lions share of equipment, and still allowed their use, will honors scores count if one of the aforementioned balls is used?

    1. The only equipment you may NOT authorize for use are the balls that have had their approvals revoked. Specifically the Storm Spectre and the 2106/2017 Purple Hammer.

      USBC has left the remaining balls on the authorized list except for the National Tournaments listed in their announcements.

      As long as the equipment used in an honor score is on the “Approved” list it will count.

      I’ll add the relevant links from USBC here:

      National Tournament Exclusion:

      Purple Hammer Revocation:

      Storm Spectre Revocation:

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